The Great Old One Cthulhu has shattered your soul. Each piece can only see a part of the creepy hell you are locked in… Will you be able to join your soul back together and escape?

How to play

Shattered Soul is a first person puzzle game. You can move your character with WASD, the keyboard arrows, or your gamepad. Interact with items using E, Space, Enter, or any gamepad button.

Each piece of your soul is tied to the others, so every action you make happens in all screens. If a piece of your soul is blocked by a wall, none will be able to move forward.


In each level, your first goal is to reach the statue of Chtulhu. After you've proven yourself to the Great Old One, glyphs will appear in the level. Align them in the center of each of the screens to escape the level, and get a little closer to escaping hell.

GMTK 2021

This game was created for the 2021 edition of the GMTK Jam. The theme was "Joined Together". All code and assets were created in the 48 hours window of the Jam.

Made by MR.AAA

Our little team, MR.AAA, is composed of:

  • Manon, 3D artist
  • Rémi, Music artist
  • Aurore, Music artist
  • Aurélien, Game designer, Level Designer and Programmer
  • Adrian, Level designer and Producer

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