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In Herrant, you play a Heron who died, and has to go through the same level again and again. At first it's easy: you have great abilities that let you pass the challenges of this little hell very easily. But then you lose one power, and you have to do it all again. And again. Until you have almost nothing left with you… Will you be able to reach the end of your journey?

Herrant was created in 48 hours during the 17th Jam of the Game Dev Party association, in Lyon. The theme was: negation. Our take was to do the opposite of what platformers like Celeste or Ori do: you start with a really strong character, that has lots of abilities, and you lose them as you play. The goal was to force the player to think about how they could beat obstacles without their favorite powers.

This game was created by Adrian Gaudebert (Game design), Maeva Bouvier (art), Robin Douet (dev), Cédric Lesueur (dev), Jean Bessede (composition and sound design) and Maxime Vatopoulos (sound design).


Herrant.zip 42 MB

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